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Background Information

TNT SACCO Ltd was registered in 1977 (CS 2660) and licensed as a deposit taking Sacco by SASRA in 2011, initially with about 200 members to promote the socio-economic wellbeing of TSC employees in the current Trans Nzoia County. It was from this area of operation and founders that the SACCO acquired profession its name “TNT” (Trans National Times Sacco Ltd). From this humble origin, the society has over the time grown in both membership and capital to become the “giant” that it is today serving a membership of over 7,000 being drone from: Public corporations, institutions of higher learning and private companies, County Government Personnel, members of discipline forces and business community. To serve this diversified membership, the society has two branches in one county.

Apart from the two branches, the society operates Front Office Services (FOSA) Activity at its headquarters in Kitale Town.  Through the FOSA, members are accorded an opportunity to make withdrawable savings and also enjoy other financial services such as advances, fixed deposits, other savings and borrowings for periods of up to 72 months.  The services offered also features ATM and Mobile banking services.  This enables members to access their accounts as and when the need arises.

The organization is structure is configured into: ADM, Board of directors, Supervisory, Chief Executive Officer, the 7 departments namely: -Credit, Finance, Internal Audit, Front Office (FOSA), Marketing and ICT all headed by line managers.  These departments are in turn manned by a staff portfolio of over 32 employees under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer.  All departmental heads report to the CEO who in turn reports to the board.  To equip the staff to deliver effectively on their various functions, the society invests heavily on their training.



1977 - 2022

And to many more

We as an organisation, we are celebrating 45 years in Business this year.


To be a world class financial provider.


To promote a savings culture and responsible credit use for economic empowerment of members.

Core Values

The TNT DT SACCO will be guided by the following core values among others: –

  1. Integrity
  2. Team work
  3. Customer focus
  4. Competence and professionalism
  5. Equity
  6. Innovation

Motto: Tujitegemee Kiuchumi

Working With The Best

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