Fosa Products

Our Fosa Products

Premium Loan

Pay emergency bills and do not have enough deposits e.g. medical, funeral etc.

Karibu Loan

Newly employed settlement

24 months instant

Education/Projects for members who may not qualify under other products.

Loan advance

Advance given pending loan disbursement

Cessation advance

Advance given pending maturity on cessation

Cheque advance

Advance pending cheque clearance

Share booster

Boost members’ deposits

Pension Lump sum advance

Advance against pending pension release

Dividend/Interest on deposits advance

Advance on dividend/interests pending disbursement date

Product Advance

Acquiring small assets e.g. mobile phones, laptop, gas cooker, solar panel


Restructuring bad loans


To finance budget deficit/discreet personal needs

Fixed deposit advance

Advance pending fixed deposit maturity to avoid forfeiture of interest earned